Cold Pasteurisation

 At Moira Mac’s, we lead the way in pioneering new technologies and processing systems that bring improvement to our customers. We were one of the first to recognise the benefits of the cold pasteurisation method, known as High Pressure Processing (HPP). In 2010 Moira Mac’s installed a HPP system, and became the first poultry supplier in Australia to use the cold pasteurisation technology.


Traditionally, preservatives and salt are the methods of choice to control pathogens and enhance shelf life. The cold pasteurisation method uses extremely high pressure in place of chemicals and preservatives, while also significantly extending shelf life. We call this “Fresher for Longer” technology. 

The Fresher for Longer benefits:

Safer foods

Fresher foods

More natural foods

Better tasting foods

The process destroys food-borne pathogens such as Listeria, E. Coli and Salmonella, with little or no change in taste, look or nutritional value of the meat. 

High pressure processing destroys microorganisms that cause spoilage, naturally preserving the freshness of packaged foods.

Cold pressure pasteurisation allows Moira Mac’s to eliminate the use of chemical preservatives, allowing the creation of the all-natural products consumers are demanding.

Because cold pressure processing doesn’t expose foods to the damaging effects of high temperatures, they retain more of their fresh taste, texture, colour and nutrients.

Food Safety

Moira Mac’s Poultry and Fine Foods Pty Ltd is a major and progressive food producer for the Australian domestic and food service industry. Moira Mac’s is committed to an extensive Quality Management System which includes Prime Safe, ISO 9001:2008, SQF/Coles and WQA. The senior management of the company commits to make all necessary resources available to achieve all of our objectives.

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